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A letter from Agriculturist (Founder) ...

Dear Friend,

I hope this letter finds you in high spirits! I wanted to share an incredible journey with you—one that is transforming the world of fruit cultivation and making a profound impact on the way we grow our food.

Back in 2019, we embarked on a mission to revolutionize traditional fruit farming methods. Our goal was simple yet audacious: to enhance the productivity of soil and plants while embracing the wonders of nature. That's when we introduced an awe-inspiring project—a high density mango plantation infused with the power of permaculture—in the picturesque region of Karle, Maharashtra.

Since then, magic has been unfolding in front of our eyes! With unwavering dedication and six years of tireless research on high density planting (HDP), permaculture, and innovative hybrid techniques, we've witnessed extraordinary transformations in both the health of our plants and the vitality of our soil. It's nothing short of a horticultural marvel!

But here's the most exciting part: our passion for change has ignited a spark among farmers. They're eagerly embracing our methods, asking thought-provoking questions, and fearlessly venturing into uncharted territories on their own farms. The ripple effect is spreading, and our fan base is growing organically, fueled by the enthusiasm of one observer sharing our techniques with another.

By choosing to support us through the purchase of our produce, you become an integral part of this awe-inspiring movement. Together, we are rewriting the narrative of farming, eliminating harmful chemicals, and cultivating a vibrant community committed to chemical-free agriculture. With your support, we're not only multiplying the bounty of our fruits in terms of quantity, quality, and nutrition but also nurturing a greener and healthier planet for generations to come.

So, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us on this exhilarating journey. Your unwavering support and belief in our mission inspire us to strive harder, dream bigger, and make a real difference in the world.

Wishing you abundant joy and a harvest of happiness!

Warm regards

Patil Paras Upendra Jyoti